Litigation Cost Management Projects


LCM assists clients in a broad range of cases and situations relating to legal fees. Projects have included:


Fee analysis

LCM has been retained to analyze the legal fees and expenses in various types of cases, such as common fund fee applications, fee-shifting cases, insurance bad faith and coverage cases, and disputes between law firms and their clients. LCM's role has generally been to assess the appropriateness and reasonableness of the fees and expenses being sought, provide a written analysis and opinion, and, where appropriate, expert witness testimony. LCM works both with parties seeking and opposing fees.

Special Master in insurance conservation proceeding

Gary Greenfield of LCM was appointed a Special Master by the San Francisco Superior Court to review the fees of a number of law firms and expert witnesses in the Golden Eagle Insurance Company conservation proceeding.

Earthquake insurance litigation

LCM was retained by a public entity to evaluate the expert witness fees it incurred in litigation to recover insurance proceeds for losses from a major earthquake.

Department of insurance fraud investigation

LCM was retained by the California Department of Insurance to investigate allegations of billing fraud made against the Department's outside counsel in the Executive Life Insurance Company conservation proceeding.

Claims process in Bank of America escheat litigation

LCM assisted the Department of Justice for the State of California in developing a claims process to handle hundreds of expected claims for attorneys' fees and expenses from various law firms and public entities in litigation against the Bank of America over funds which the State alleged were improperly retained by the Bank.


Non-litigation consulting

Litigation management systems and training

LCM has consulted with various clients regarding how to improve the management of their outside counsel, including through development of litigation management systems and training of personnel.

Auditing training

LCM has conducted trainings for clients on legal bill auditing techniques for use in their internal review of legal bills.



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