Litigation Cost Management Services

Legal Fee Audits and Analyses

In the area of analysis of legal fees and expenses in litigation, LCM provides services both to parties seeking fees and those opposing fee requests. Typical situations include:

  1. Fee disputes between clients and their own law firms;
  2. "Fee-shifting" cases – cases where a party in a lawsuit (typically the loser) is required by law to pay the opposing party's legal fees;
  3. Cases where the legal fees are being paid by someone other than the client itself (most commonly an insurance company);
  4. Situations where fees need to be allocated among claims or parties; and
  5. Where a court wants an independent review of legal fees presented to the court for reimbursement.

Expert Witness/Consulting in Litigation

LCM has provided expert consulting and testimony (both in written and oral form) in a number of arbitrations and court cases.

Management Audits

LCM conducts audits of legal fees where the goal is to improve the client's management of its outside lawyers.

Litigation Management Consulting

LCM continues to consult with clients in learning how to more effectively manage and control their outside litigation. This typically consists of analysis of the client's existing system for managing their outside lawyers and assisting clients in modifications to their system.

Litigation Management and Legal Bill Review Training

LCM provides training in effective litigation management, management of outside counsel and legal bill review.


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